April 14, 2014

Monday music… After the Moment by Craft Spells

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April 7, 2014

Monday music: I’m In Your Church at Night by Active Child. Often the first song I listen to when I walk out the door in the morning, because it’s the first song on my phone and when I see if there on the playlist I have to play it.

March 31, 2014

Monday music: Metronomy were insanely good on Friday at Brixton, so here’s one of their new songs.

March 31, 2014   4 notes
NYE 2013-2014 in NZ - nearly midnight and not even lunch time in England

NYE 2013-2014 in NZ - nearly midnight and not even lunch time in England

March 29, 2014
Sky in Devonport, Auckland NZ, 30 December 2013

Sky in Devonport, Auckland NZ, 30 December 2013

March 26, 2014

Went back to the Camera Club last week for a talk on alternative photography processing by artist and club member Peter Moseley. It was fascinating to learn about the various processes used throughout history, and even more so to see some of them in action as Peter exposed and developed cyanotype and platinum prints. Inspiring!

March 24, 2014

Quick one on LSFF11, January 2014: was gutted to miss most the festival due to travels/illness, but made it to four events on the last weekend.

Longer Docs was an afternoon at Roxy Bar and Screen, with the stand out film to me being Lainey Richardson’s Tik and the Turkey, about crystal meth abuse in South African slums. Eva Weber’s Blackout was also incredibly well made and a fascinating insight into the lengths children in Conakry, Guinea, go to study for their exams.

Next up was Celluloid Traces, where my Whirlygig Cinema short SPIN: “Memory” Spiral screened amidst some fantastic experimental pieces. I really loved Hoghole by Aiko Roudette, and Cake by Magnus Irvin was hilarious.

Onwards to the ICA for straight 8’s app screening. Straight 8 is traditionally a one-cartridge of super 8 no editing filmmaking challenge, and they’ve created an app to mimic this way of filmmaking. What I really love is that it isn’t mimicking the super 8 effect, but the way you make a film when you enter straight 8 where you have to shoot everything in order, do the effects in camera etc. The films people had made during LSFF were screened and it was an enjoyable event.

After this there was time for a quick drink before heading to the closing awards ceremony, where I got a catch up on all sorts of genres, having missed most of the festival. It was great and I was really happy to see Keeping Up with the Joneses win a prize.

Once again a really fantastic festival, and I hope I’m not ill for it again next year! Here’s my film - recommend watching in HD.

March 18, 2014   2 notes

The Martin Creed exhibition at the Hayward Gallery at the moment is hilarious and a must visit if you’re in London. It’s as much about how people react to his work as the work itself, and there’s plenty of work to see and react to. Plus a massive balloon pit which is a lot of fun.

March 17, 2014

ART14 at Kensington Olympia

Too much art to see in one night! Didn’t get all the names, but here are my favourites. Loved that there were lots of photograms and variants of.

Work above by Floris Neususs, Rosario Lopez, Miriam Elia, Helene Schmitz, William Mackrell, Bae Joonsung, Hwang Seon Tae, Alexander Dashevskiy.

March 16, 2014   16 notes
King William IV at Mickleham, Surrey, March 2014

King William IV at Mickleham, Surrey, March 2014